An aerial view of a residential patio

Your Complete Window Replacement Guide

Installing new windows or replacing old ones is one of the most beneficial home improvement projects you’ll ever invest in. There are, however, some necessary considerations that define the overall efficiency and impact of your investment. (more…)

Beautiful windows and a door with glass panels

What to Expect from Quality Window and Door Installation Company in AZ

A reliable window and door installations company in AZ can be your ultimate home renovation partner. From getting you the best quality material to ensuring foolproof installation and inspection, a qualified services provider can be a total game changer! (more…)

New windows and countertops in a kitchen

3 Style Features that are Must for Your New Home in Arizona

Your abode can be a small studio apartment in a remote area or a huge mansion with multiple rooms. But essentially, they all have a common purpose—to provide you with a safe living space. (more…)

A chic patio design

Home Design 101: How to Create an Inviting Patio

People, especially during the pandemic, have spent a lot of their time indoors. During the lockdowns, we all have tried to make the most of our residential properties. (more…)

An office with modern sliding doors with stained glass

3 Ways to Revamp Your Boring Corporate Office Look

Do you know that an employee spends one-third of their life at work? And that’s a lot! Workers are an asset to any organization, as they drive productivity, results, performance, and return on investments. But what about your role as a business owner? While you expect employees to give their best, there’s also something that you must do to motivate them and keep them safe and comfortable. (more…)

A house with beautiful windows

Single Hung vs. Double Hung Windows—Explained!

Windows and doors play a vital contribution to a home's appeal. Most people improve their windows and doors and often invest in window and door installation to boost their home's allure. (more…)

A cozy warm house

How to Keep Cold Air from Coming through Your Windows

Winter has arrived, and so has the cool chilly breeze and the warm cozy snuggles. But the chilly season also means cold air getting through your windows and raising your energy bills! There's nothing more annoying than a rush of cold air ruining your cozy nights. (more…)

A small plant pot next to a vinyl window.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Windows with Vinyl

Replacing your home’s old windows with new ones isn’t only about improving the interior aesthetics. It’s also about making long-lasting investments that help homeowners enjoy high ROI. (more…)

A little girl reading a book next to a vinyl window

3 Vinyl Window Myths Debunked

If you’re a homeowner or a property remodeler looking for durable and sturdiest window material in the market, there’s a lot you have to take in. (more…)

An apartment building with vinyl doors and windows

Exposing the TRUTH about Vinyl Window Durability and Quality

When we talk about windows and doors installations for residential properties, wood is the ultimate choice that comes to mind. However, with advancing technology and increasing environmental consciousness, customers are trying to opt for better, eco-friendlier, and more durable options. This is where LEI Home Enhancements' vinyl windows and doors come in. (more…)