Window and Door Installation Services In Tempe

Since Tempe is one of the hottest areas in Arizona, homeowners need to be vigilant when it comes to maintaining the doors and windows of their homes and getting them replaced when needed. In a hot, arid place like Tempe, this is essential to maintain a pleasant indoor temperature and keep energy bills down.
LEI Home Enhancements is among the top local window and door installation and replacement companies in Arizona. We have been serving the good people of Tempe Arizona for over 15 years, and have a solid track record for our projects, completing door and window installations over the years.

Our high quality door and window installation services are certified by ALMA and help us complete your projects without any bumps or worries.

Additionally, we even offer a comprehensive warranty on every project!
We install Energy Star-certified doors and windows where you live. In this way, we help you maintain your doors and windows and significantly lower your energy costs due to HVAC overload.

As a door installation company, our specialties include custom and standard-sized patio doors, ProVia entry pathways, effective storm doors, and French doors. We ensure that each of our windows has gone through the appropriate development and is made using advanced tactics. Our windows conveniently include custom frames, heat-protective coatings, argon-insulated triple-pane glass, and more amenities and features.

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