3 Myths About Windows Replacement in Arizona—Busted!

February 10, 2023
a hand on a side of the window

When it comes to home remodeling and upkeep, it can be difficult to know who to trust amongst the online reviews, referrals from hardware store staff, or your overly enthusiastic relatives. With so many viewpoints, it’s easy for certain myths to develop around any project. You can easily get advice from window installers who work for window replacement companies. They’re the ones who can help you out in this home improvement endeavor.

But before you do so, let’s clear up some of the famous myths about replacing windows. Here are a few popular window replacement misconceptions and falsehoods that aren’t substantiated by evidence.

Cheap Windows Are the Same Quality as the Expensive Ones

Have you considered how certain businesses can manage to install windows at such inexpensive prices? There’s a simple thought process behind that. They do so by handing you cheap, run-down, assembled products and low-quality windows that barely last ten years. If the window installers you choose aren’t ALMA-certified, they are likely unqualified and unskilled to handle your window replacement project.

Such labor will knock a few years off the product itself by doing a poor job installing the windows. Poor window installers frequently overlook necessary standards in favor of speed.

If you ignore the earliest indicators of deterioration, such as leakage, decaying wood frames, draughts, or other vital signs, you risk staying in a compromised house and adding to your already lengthy list of home repair jobs. The major disadvantage of getting cheap windows is that you’ll need to go through the replacement process all over again once they start deteriorating.

Energy Efficiency Isn’t Affected by Installing Windows

Window leaks allow about 20% to 30% of a home’s heating and cooling outside. Getting your old windows replaced with energy-efficient ones will stop any leakage and help lower your energy bill.

Window replacement may seem like money down the drain, but the money you’ll save on your energy bill will show how much you needed it. If your windows are draughty, old, or cracked, upgrading to a greater Energy Star rating will likely make a significant change. It also will provide better insulation.

Window Installation Companies’ Reviews Don’t Matter

Will you use an untrustworthy contractor to build your home? Obviously not. Then why would you allow a shoddy company to do some major work in your home? When it comes to setting up replacement windows, the same logic applies. Your replacement window service’s reputation and craft should be checked first. It’s your cash involved and your home’s appearance on the line, so you should feel confident in the firm and the product you’re buying.

With LEI Home Enhancements of Arizona, you’ll feel safe and happy knowing that we’ve been in the business for the past 15 years. We’re not only involved in window installation and replacement in Arizona, but we also do door installation and replacement. Our experienced window installers are ALMA-certified. Book a free consultation and get in touch with us today!