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Have you been battling Arizona’s intense heat with high energy bills? LEI Home Enhancements of Arizona provides alternative, sustainable energy resources so that you can decrease or even completely eliminate your energy bills. We provide solar energy solutions to Phoenix, AZ homeowners and those living in the surrounding communities. Switching to solar power is easy when you choose our team to help you. Our solar energy solutions are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Oftentimes, homeowners are apprehensive to switch to solar energy. This is a product of solar energy being a relatively new energy source. However, switching to solar power is freeing. It allows homeowners to harness an independent energy source and significantly reduces the cost of heating, cooling, and powering their homes. From solar panels to battery storage, our team provides you with the most reliable solar technology.

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The Benefits of Going Solar

Solar energy boasts many advantages that make it hard for homeowners and business owners not to consider switching.

Energy Savings

Solar energy technology is a reliable, long-term investment that is more cost-effective in the long run compared to the grid.


Solar panels operate using both direct and indirect sunlight, meaning that they will still harness power even on cloudy days.


Solar energy is renewable and clean. It produces only a small fraction of emissions compared to natural gas and coal.

Long Lifespan

Solar technology often comes with a 25-year or longer warranty that guarantees a certain energy output.

Custom-Designed Solar Systems

At LEI Home Enhancements of Arizona, we offer custom-designed solar systems to our customers. When you choose our team to get you set up with solar power, you won’t have to worry about the system not being enough for your home. We take the time to evaluate your home and recommend the best solar energy solutions for you and your needs. Our team can provide solar panels, solar battery systems, and more. With the switch to solar power, you will notice an immediate decrease in your energy bills, and you will experience the power of your new investment. Not only is solar power a smart choice for investment, but it will power your home for years to come. It is a guarantee that you will get back the value of what you spent in return.

Energy Audits: Creating a More Efficient Home

Since 2003, we have been providing smart home improvement solutions throughout Phoenix, AZ, and the surrounding communities. We believe that your home should function in the most efficient way possible. That is why the services and products we offer enhance the way your home operates. With the addition of solar power resources to your home, you will experience all of the many benefits it has to offer. Reach out to our experts today to get started.
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