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A house with beautiful windows

Single Hung vs. Double Hung Windows—Explained!

Windows and doors play a vital contribution to a home's appeal. Most people improve their windows and doors and often invest in window and door installation to boost their home's allure. (more…)

A cozy warm house

How to Keep Cold Air from Coming through Your Windows

Winter has arrived, and so has the cool chilly breeze and the warm cozy snuggles. But the chilly season also means cold air getting through your windows and raising your energy bills! There's nothing more annoying than a rush of cold air ruining your cozy nights. (more…)

A small plant pot next to a vinyl window.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Windows with Vinyl

Replacing your home’s old windows with new ones isn’t only about improving the interior aesthetics. It’s also about making long-lasting investments that help homeowners enjoy high ROI. (more…)

A little girl reading a book next to a vinyl window

3 Vinyl Window Myths Debunked

If you’re a homeowner or a property remodeler looking for durable and sturdiest window material in the market, there’s a lot you have to take in. (more…)

An apartment building with vinyl doors and windows

Exposing the TRUTH about Vinyl Window Durability and Quality

When we talk about windows and doors installations for residential properties, wood is the ultimate choice that comes to mind. However, with advancing technology and increasing environmental consciousness, customers are trying to opt for better, eco-friendlier, and more durable options. This is where LEI Home Enhancements' vinyl windows and doors come in. (more…)

Winter Home Prep 101: Getting New Windows and Doors

Chilly breeze, a cup of hot cocoa, and cozy onesies while preparing for Christmas. But what about preparing your home for the winter season? Are you ready for the temperature drops and snow fall? If not, the best place to start is with your windows and doors. (more…)

Post Date: November 10, 2021
Roof with siding to keep rain water out

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Vinyl Sidings

Did you know that replacing old door sidings can increase your home’s value while recovering 78% of the total project cost. It's essential to install siding in your home to protect it from harsh weather elements while keeping the foundation and its contents secure. During winters, a well-installed siding can help keep your home warm in winters and cool during summers. However, when it comes to replacing old and worn-out vinyl, many homeowners try to ignore it. This is because other...

Double hung windows in a bedroom

How to Create a Minimalist Home Interior

Homeowners extensively opted for minimalism, a foolproof trend to make their lives clutter and hassle-free, especially during the pandemic. With all that's happening around us, it seems fair to disengage for a while and take out time to make your space cozy and comfortable. (more…)

A vinyl sliding window with blinds

Why Vinyl Windows are the Best Option for Homes

Looking for a way to give your Arizona home an instant and beautiful facelift? Consider getting window replacement services at LEI Home Enhancements. We’re a leading, certified, and award-winning window installation company. Our vinyl windows are known for their versatility, grace, and durability. Wait, are you unsure about whether or not vinyl windows are the best choice for your home? Don’t fret because, by the end of this blog post, we’re sure that you’ll be convinced to choose functional and quality...

sliding glass doors in an office

Sliding Glass Door and Productivity: What’s the Connection?

Did we say that sliding doors can be a great addition to a property? Yes, we did! If you haven’t yet come across the connection between productivity and layout design, you’re probably missing out on a lot. (more…)