3 Signs of Bad Window Installation

August 11, 2021

It’s possible you recently replaced or installed new windows. The major factors that will influence your window installation quality is the job itself and the warranty or guarantee your professional window installer provides. But, as a non-expert in windows, how will you judge the quality of work done? It’s important to know the signs that indicate a shoddy job that’ll cost you in the long run.

A Girl lying and watching outside the window

Let’s discuss the signs of a bad window installation.

Sign 1. The Sill and Frame Have Gaps Between Them

A window should fit snugly inside the frame if the contractor you’ve hired has gotten their measurements accurately. If you notice visible spaces between the frame and the sill, you’ve got a problem.

Sign 2. Water Damage and Cold Spots

Curve top Window with designs

Your windows are meant to prevent air, moisture, and other elements from entering your home. Thus, a draft coming in through closed windows indicates a poor installation.

Moreover, a draft coming from your windows will increase your energy expenses as well because your HVAC will need to work overtime to achieve the same results temperature-wise.

Sign 3. Bad Caulking

The best windows will have caulking present, which helps weatherproof the windows, meaning yours should have a visible layer of even caulking on the zenith and sides.

You can avoid bad window installations by hiring an experienced window installer in Arizona who has years of experience and knowledge and a trusted reputation in the industry.

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