4 Advantages of Triple Pane Glass Windows

April 1, 2021

If you’re considering getting your home’s windows upgraded, you may have heard the words “triple pane” and “double-pane” being tossed around. What companies are referring to is the number of panes of glass a single window unit contains.

Window in a dark room

For extreme temperatures like those faced by people in Arizona, manufacturers recommend that all windows be triply glazed to provide high performance and efficiency.

Single Pane vs. Triple Pane Windows:

Few homes today have single-pane windows. Instead, double pane windows are more commonly used that have two sheets of glass with a narrow space in between full of krypton or argon gas. There are two gas-filled passages between the three layers of glass in triple pane windows, further improving energy efficiency.

Benefits of Triple-Pane Glass Windows:

Triple pane glass windows allow you to enjoy many benefits, including reduced drafts, consistent indoor temperatures, and more comfort. Here are a few more advantages of getting them installed:

Increased Energy Efficiency:

One of the most significant advantages of triple pane windows is that they provide energy savings throughout the year. These windows have two free spaces that divide the three panes of glass, and these spaces are filled with gases that allow you to cut down on your air conditioning and heating system usage. Moreover, since the HVAC will work less, you’ll save on utility bills as well. Triple pane glass can effectively block around 95% of the sun’s UV rays, keeping unwanted heat out of the home.

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Greater Durability:

Triple pane windows made with vinyl or fiberglass frames are perfect if you’re planning to renovate your forever-home. These can last for up to 20 years at a time, saving you money on replacements, and are strong enough to hold their own during storms.

Higher Home Value:

Triple pane glass windows provide a great ROI and are an affordable way to beautify your home while adding to its market value. Moreover, triple pane windows improve indoor comfort and offer utility savings, making them an attractive investment for homeowners.

Reduced Noise Pollution:

The three panes of glass provide a soundproofing effect for your home. Triple pane windows sealed properly can keep unwanted noise outside the home and reduce distractions.

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