5 Common Signs of Window Seal Failure in Arizona

June 15, 2022
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A tight seal is required for a window to work efficiently. It should be simple to close and open the window. Although there should be no air leaking through when the window is closed, many homeowners are astonished to hear that window seal failure is a very common complaint. External pollutants can enter your house through broken window seals, limiting your security and increasing your energy expenses, and requiring immediate window replacement.

Here are common signs to look for window seal failure in Arizona.

1. Difficulty Opening and Closing Windows

Properly functioning windows should be simple to open and close. They should be safe, yet they should open and close easily. If you find it difficult to open or close the windows, you need a new window installation.

2. Home Is Cold and Drafty

Are you experiencing unusually cold when you stand near the windows? If this is the case, a damaged window seal might be producing problems with air filtering in your house.

You should not feel cold air coming in when you bring your wet palm up to the windowpane. Even if the temperature outside is freezing, your windows should warm you up inside.

Due to insufficient insulation and broken window seals, draftiness develops when cold air escapes through or around your window.

3. Increase Fogginess and Condensation

If your windows appear foggy and you see moisture between your window glass panes, window seal failure might be the issue. A failure of one of your seals is indicated by fog, haze, or liquid between two glass layers. Fogginess is particularly noticeable when the temperature inside your home differs significantly from the outside temperature.

However, condensation in a small amount can be normally seen on the window surfaces; the moisture within the panes, on the other hand, should be a reason to be worried.

4. Glass Distortion

When gas leaks through your insulated glass unit, your windowpanes will begin to distort, bend and, in some cases, break. You should be able to detect any glass deformation right away to get your windows replaced right away.

5. Damaged Frames of Windows

Examine the sealant and framework around your window. Is the discoloration due to mold growth? Is the paint flaking, chipping, or bubbling? Do you see any symptoms of the sun or rain-related weather damage? Window frames are one of the first places where deterioration from window seal failures may be seen.

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