Fogging Windows: Causes and Prevention

January 28, 2022
Fogging on the window

Why Are My Windows Blurry and Damp?

Do you find yourself asking one question again and again? If yes, you’re dealing with a very common yet irritating problem. Window condensation, sometimes also referred to as window fogging, is a condition that windows tend to develop due to moisture traps.

This problem doesn’t only harms your home’s aesthetics, but also reduces energy efficiency through increased energy loss.

In this blog, we have covered the window condensation causes and prevention strategies in detail. So let’s get to it without any further ado!


There can be several nitty-gritty factors impacting the performance of your home’s windows. The main culprit of window condensation is poor insulation, which can be a result of:

  • Moisture Exposure

Window condensation is a very common phenomenon, especially in cold weather. Snowstorms, torrential rainfalls, and snowy days can break your window’s insulation seals. Exposure to water and high moisture level can deteriorate a window’s functionality. This is exactly why you shouldn’t entrust unprofessional window installation experts.

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  • Dramatic Temperature Changes

Sometimes, poor-quality windows get vulnerable to temperature changes. For example, if it’s snowing outside and you’ve turned on heaters indoors, substandard window seals can stretch. This leads to condensation and moisture buildup on the glass panels.

Similarly, on warm sunny days, when you have the air conditioning turned on inside, direct sunlight exposure can reduce the impact of window seals.

All in all, air quality below dew point can harm the quality, functionality, durability, and energy efficiency of window installations, making them appear foggy.

How to Prevent Window Fogginess?

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Here are some surefire ways to reduce and prevent the chances of window fogginess:

Get Best-Quality Window Installations

The first step to avoiding common window problems such as condensation is to invest in quality products. While inexpensive window installation may seem pocket-friendly, it’ll ultimately lead to higher repair and replacement costs, increasing the total cost of installation.

However, on the contrary, if you think of window installations in Arizona as a one-time, long-term investment, you’ll enjoy many benefits. Windows with premium quality sealants, frames, and moisture-locking elements can pay off high ROI in the long run.

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Clean Frequently

Many homeowners often forget the importance of keeping windows and doors clean and dust-free. Dirt and grime from day-to-day weather changes and external factors can accumulate in the cavity of window frames, deteriorating its seal.

Condensation will occur and reoccur very often if your windows are dirty and sticky.

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