How to Keep Cold Air From Coming Through Your Windows

November 19, 2021
A person sitting on bed with a cup of coffee looking into frozen backyard

Winter has arrived, and so has the cool chilly breeze and the warm cozy snuggles. But the chilly season also means cold air getting through your windows and raising your energy bills! There’s nothing more annoying than a rush of cold air ruining your cozy nights.

But this winter, you can avoid this discomfort and spend your winters feeling warm and cozy in your home. If you’re wondering how to keep the cool air at bay throughout your winter days, let’s look at these tips.

Weather Sealing

One of the most effective and common ways to keep cool air out of your home is by getting weather sealing strips or foam installed around your windows’ edges. Weather sealing is simple and can be done at home without any professional assistance. All you need to do is follow a tutorial online, and voila! Say hello to a warm abode.

But remember, before using any weather sealing, clean your window edges properly.

Insulated Curtains

Your next solution to block the cool air out is to invest in insulated curtains. These curtains are designed to block the cool air from seeping into your home, and surprisingly, they’re quite effective.

Insulated curtains have multiple layers that efficiently prevent the cool air from entering and the warm air escaping outside. As a result, they keep the house temperature ambient and warm. What makes insulated curtains stand out is they’re not just effective but stylish as well.

Draft Snakes

Draft snakes are another suitable option to keep the cool air out, and you can DIY it! All you need is fabric and some stuff to sew together a window-length air blocker. You can also purchase well-fitted draft stoppers to seal the windows firmly.

Triple-Pane Windows

Frozen window

Weather sealing, insulated curtains may be helpful, but if you’re looking for a guaranteed solution to this problem, you’ll need to up your window game with triple-pane windows installation! Triple-pane windows have been in the game for quite some time now. But over the past few years, these windows have gained popularity in the U.S.

Nothing prevents unwanted airflow as well as triple-pane windows. In addition to insulation, triple–pane windows can be valuable in maximizing energy efficiency and security.

Get Quality Triple-Pane Windows and Door Installations

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