How to Measure Exterior Doors for Replacement?

August 15, 2022
How to Measure Exterior Doors for Replacement?

If you plan to install a new exterior door in your home, you need to know how to measure exterior doors before purchasing them. If you plan to install a pre-hung door, you should remove the trim first to get the exact measurements. The width of the door is measured from the outer jamb to the upper jamb. To measure the thickness of a door, run a measuring tape horizontally from the inner edge to the exterior edge.

When replacing an exterior door, you must measure its height and width. If you are not a contractor, you need to know the exact height and width of the old door. If you are unsure how to measure the height, you can ask a contractor to do it for you. The door height is measured from the left and right sides, and the height should be larger than the width. You may need to ask someone to help measure it, as you can’t reach the top. Measure the thickness of the door, too.

When you have measured the height, width, and thickness of your existing door, you should know the size of the new one. You need to make sure that you buy a door that will fit the width and thickness of your opening. The width and thickness of the door should be the same, but there can be differences in the height and width measurements. When installing a new door, one must know the opening size before buying one.

To measure an exterior door properly, you must take measurements of the brick opening. Take the widest measurement of the opening from the bottom of the sill. If the opening sizes differ, you should buy a slightly larger door. Remember that you cannot return a door once it is cut. A properly measured door will fit your home’s design. In addition to measuring the rough opening properly, it is important to consider how the door will swing.

Once you have the height of your exterior door, you can begin to measure its width. Measure it by starting at the top left corner and proceeding to the bottom. You can use a chair or stepping ladder to stabilize your equipment. You may need a partner to assist you. The height should be the same on both sides of the door. Otherwise, it will not fit properly. And remember to take the measurements at the correct angle.

Another way to determine the thickness of an exterior door is by using a tape measure. Run the tape measure along the edge of the door and the rebate in the frame where the door sits when closed. The measurements should match UK standard thicknesses of exterior doors. Most doors are 35mm thick, while some are 40mm or even 45mm thick. For fire doors, the thickness of the door should be at least 40mm.

Before purchasing an exterior door, you must take measurements of the existing door. Prehung doors have already been set inside the frame, making them more weather-tight. When purchasing pre-hung doors, you should also measure the rough opening of your existing door. If you are replacing a slab door, leave the casing in place, and this method will save you time and money. It is important to take measurements to install the door properly—shop doors at great prices from LEI Home Enhancements.

In addition to the width of the rough opening, you need to take the height of the door. You may need to stand on a chair or get someone to help you. The height of an exterior door in the UK is usually 6’6″/1981 mm, though some are longer and thicker. The thickness of a replacement door should also be equal. Ensure you get the correct measurements to install a new door with the correct dimensions.

For prehung doors, you need to measure the width of the door three times. Choose the largest of the two. Then, measure the door’s height from the trim’s bottom edge. The height of the door should be at least two inches higher than the bottom edge of the trim. If replacing a pre-hung door, you must add a second measurement. If the measurements of the exterior door are not accurate, you may end up purchasing the wrong one.