The Importance of Hiring Top Window Installers

April 10, 2021

During the pandemic, our homes have been our shelters 24/7. We don’t go out nearly as much as we used to—our homes have become our whole world. Considering that’s the case, you might’ve noticed your house needing fixes and repair work. And, of course, you couldn’t do all of it all by yourself, because not everyone is a professional. When it comes to window installers, you need to hire a professional because that’s one job you can’t learn through YouTube. DYI-ing these projects is not only time-consuming but also dangerous.

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Here’s a look at some things that could lead to a disaster if your windows aren’t installed properly:

Bad Insulation

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One of the things that could go wrong with window installation is a drafty and uncomfortable environment in your home. If your windows aren’t properly installed, they can add to your bills since your home won’t be energy-efficient, soaking up all the heat in hotter months and letting heat escape during colder months.

You can spot improper installations if you see poor sealants, gapping, or unevenly installed windows. If you feel the areas surrounding the windows are too hot in summer or too cold in winter, it’s a sign that they haven’t been installed perfectly.

Image File Name: window-cleaning-aesthetic-long-lasting

Image Alt Text: Regular window cleaning avoids etched glasses and scratches.

Foggy Windows

One of the obvious signs of poor window installation is the appearance of fog and mold accumulating on the windows. If there’s fog between the windowpanes, it means the sealant is starting to break down or has been damaged. This happens when they’re poorly installed or when the sealant is not installed with patience and expertise.

Water Damage

Poorly installed windows can lead to water damage. Improper installations mean leakages that can make your walls moist and soak up water until it’s too late. You can’t spot leakages from the outside.

Leakages lead to mold growth, which weakens wall framings and is dangerous if inhaled. Water damage can cost you thousands of dollars to renovate. That’s why it’s crucial that your window installation is carried out properly by industry experts.

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