Your Complete Window Replacement Guide

December 28, 2021
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Installing new windows or replacing old ones is one of the most beneficial home improvement projects you’ll ever invest in. There are, however, some necessary considerations that define the overall efficiency and impact of your investment.

From choosing the right material and style to partnering with a reliable window and door installation services provider, there’s a lot you must do. Plus, when it comes to window replacement services, you need to brush your knowledge about the process. This will help you in making sure that the installation company has all the expertise and experience in this area.

Here’s all you should know about window replacements in AZ.

1. R-Values & U-Values

Energy efficiency is one of the top concerns for homeowners in the modern age. When choosing doors and windows, you should learn about their efficiency performance. To do this, normally, two indicators are used: the R and U values.

These values indicate the amount of heat loss from a particular window or door. The R-value shows the heat flow capacity of a material, whereas the U-value is purely a heat loss measurement.

We offer single and double glazed window products that offer high R-values and low U-values, indicating maximum energy efficiency and performance.

2. Product Features to Look For

Next to the R and U values, certain product features make a window replacement worth every cent. These include:

· Hinges

At LEI Home Enhancements, we offer casement and awning windows with high-quality hinges. This ensures product stability and grit while maintaining and improving security and sash-hinge grit.

· Counterbalances

You should always choose window replacement products that offer a better counterbalance than the existing ones. We offer windows with robust fiberglass reinforcements, dual vent stops, and Commandplus hardware for maximum product durability.

In addition, you should also check sliding systems, locks, weather-stripping and caulking features, force balance systems before buying window replacements.

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Choosing the right type of window replacement includes various key elements such as size, price, warranty, design, installation expertise, etc.

To make a sound decision, consult professionals at LEI Home Enhancements. Our team of factory-certified installers can help you choose the best quality vinyl doors and windows in Arizona to match the aesthetic appeal of your house.

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