3 Window Designs to Make Your Home Look More Spacious

March 25, 2022
large grid window

Windows are as essential to a home as doors. They establish your property’s aesthetic appeal from the inside out, which is why so many people use them to make their interiors look bigger.

If you’re looking to do something similar, look at the following window designs before placing a window replacement or installation order at LEI Arizona.

1. A Living Room With a View

If you’ve got a living room with a fantastic view, you have every reason to make the most of it through large casement windows with nothing other than T-bars interrupting your visual access.

Install these windows strategically and place the furniture just so, and let the ample glass brighten up, enhance your space, and let in plenty of fresh air when open. Make the most of your window installation service by customizing yours for size, color, and the structure of your living room.

2. Bay Windows for That May Kitchen

Bay windows aren’t always installed in the kitchen. They make great reading nooks because of their design, which protrudes outwards, almost like an actual bay: an inlet separated from the mainstream.

However, installing them in your kitchen will allow in more light. A bay window can serve as a fantastic alternative if you don’t have enough wall space for large patio doors. It’ll let in the sunshine and fresh air you want, making your room look bigger and brighter.

wooden table and chairs

3. Single-Hung Near the Stairs

Single-hung windows have a single lower sash that you’re supposed to slide upwards to let in light and air. They stay flush to the wall even when open and don’t take up too much space in your home.

This quality makes them the perfect accompaniment for your staircase. If you want to stick that landing in more ways than one without letting your head hit the edge of an open window, install multiple single-hung windows in a row and make sure they’re just high enough to slide open or close.

Allow LEI Arizona to customize your windows for size, design, and type. If you’re renovating your existing home or installing brand new windows and doors in a new one, reach out to our local window installation experts in Arizona to make the job a sure-fire success. Book a consultation with our experts for any number of windows and door installation services.

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