Summertime Home Remodeling: Why You Should Consider Installing New Windows and Doors

April 1, 2022
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Warm weather can do a number on your windows and doors, not to mention your inner space. If you have single-pane windows, there’s no saving you from the infamous Arizona heat or the resulting energy bills.

Here are all the good reasons to hire our windows and door installation services in Phoenix this summer.

Weather Permitting, Always

Forget that you have to weather the sweltering heat in the summers for just one moment, and consider your door and window installers. Arizona gets plenty of snow in the winters, so the odds of your consultants and installation experts getting stuck in the snow are high.

If you want your window and door installation to go smoothly and don’t want to wait for the snow to melt or roads to clear, schedule it on a warm day. The earlier you do it, the longer you’ll enjoy the best parts of summer.

Lower Your Energy Consumption

Your old doors and windows may no longer be up to the task when keeping the cold air in and the heat out. Your door material might suffer gaps and cracks, whereas your windows might feature single-pane glass, making it easier for the warm temperature to seep into your home.

No matter how long you keep that air conditioner on, your home won’t remain cool because the cold air would just as quickly leave your home through the doors and windows. Thus, you must replace them in the summer to use the air conditioner less often and pay less in energy bills.

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Prepare for the Following Seasons

The only thing worse than waking up because of the heat is waking up because of cold feet. A drafty door and flimsy windows are great at bringing in the weather no matter what season. If it’s unseasonably warm, there’s no saving you from the heat. Not without your expensive air conditioning anyway.

Conversely, wearing warmer clothing in your own house and turning up the thermostat is not the normal way to spend your winters indoors. Nip this in the bud before it happens by replacing your doors and windows in the summer.

Hire our door and window replacement service in Phoenix to survive this summer’s harsh desert weather. Install glass with Solarban® Heat protective coating to prevent the heat from damaging your new doors and windows and entering your home.

Contact one of Arizona’s best door installation companies to install your front and patio doors and windows.