4 Signs You Need Window Replacement

October 4, 2021
Three windows

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and your home’s windows are, well, just windows. But they’re also so much more than that because they’re such a central feature of your house that it’s almost criminal to neglect them and their maintenance.

You should watch for signs of wear and damage and focus on prompt maintenance and upgrades. Here are some signs that your windows need a serious upgrade:

1. They Just Won’t Open or Shut as Easily

Does it always feel like an arm workout or wrestling match just to open or shut your windows? This tends to happen over time with windows of all kinds, either due to rust, moisture, swelling, or other issues with the hardware.

It’s essential to swap out your old windows with newer ones if they’re giving you such a hard time because it’s not worth having to pry them open and force them to shut each day. Plus, this leaves them vulnerable to damage and breakage and puts your home’s safety and security at risk too!

2. The Outside Always Seems to Get In

Constantly finding bugs, dirt, dust inside your home, or inefficient temperature and energy regulation are another sign that your windows need a major upgrade. You should consider getting windows replacements in Gilbert, Arizona if your home feels hot and stuffy despite air conditioning because they might be the primary culprit! After all, who can survive the killer Arizona heat without an AC?

3. They’re Old and Outdated Looking

Wall with decorations and window

Sometimes it’s as simple as having had them for too long. If your window treatments have been around for over 5-10 years or for as long as you’ve had the house, it’s about time you spice things up and get a window replacement. In fact, it’s also important to think about the style and if it’s far too outdated because that can really plummet curb appeal and aesthetic value.

4. There Is Always a Lot of Noise Inside

Arizona has some of the worst noise pollution, and if your windows aren’t doing a great job of keeping it out, you’re hurting your mind and body more than you realize. Protect your ears, your mental peace, and your physical well-being with windows that work to filter out the outside noise and humdrum.

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