Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Front Doors

October 5, 2021
Closed door

Your front door is the first thing people notice about your home, and it’s their first point of interaction with your property as well. More often than not, homeowners either get little to no say in choosing their front door, or don’t put enough thought into their decision, choosing options that seem easy, cheap, and convenient.

However, we believe that it’s important to make your decision carefully and factor in a few different aspects before you jump the gun and get a door replacement for your home in Phoenix, AZ.

Keep the following tips and recommendations in mind for your next upgrade:

Visualize the Type of Style You Want

Do you want a classic wooden door that complements the ultimate American-style home, or are you aiming for a more European-looking french door? Perhaps you want to retain the old-school suburban charm your house has, or you’re looking to go contemporary—either way, you should be thinking about the style of the door and how it fits with your home’s style as well.

Be Smart About the Material of the Door

Another important factor to consider is the material of your door. You can choose from wooden or metal doors, and sometimes composite or fiberglass, depending on budget, climate, and environmental factors. Be sure to get a detailed consultation and learn about the advantages of each material to figure out which one is right for you.

How Much Privacy Are You Seeking Out?

wooden door one open one closed

Another crucial factor is privacy. How much privacy are you willing to give up as a homeowner, and how much is absolutely non-negotiable? Glazed or glass doors look beautiful ut come at the price of your privacy, but if you can pair them with blinds, frosting, or curtains, there’s a way to work around this issue too.

Think About the Passage and Entrance Size

Last but not least, think about the passageway and entrance sizes. A door that’s too small may look odd if installed in a wide entryway, but a large door may take up too much space. Before you choose, have our door and window installation company come over to evaluate and make recommendations for your door installation in Arizona.

With these tips in mind, you can finally start your hunt for the perfect entryway or patio door and decide based on your needs and requirements.

For more information about our door installation services in Phoenix, Tempe, Payson, and other cities across AZ, get in touch with us today. You can also book a consultation with our team, and we’ll walk you through the options available to you for both door and window replacements. Let’ upgrade your interior and exterior doors and windows and make your home look brand new!