5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Vinyl Sidings

November 7, 2021
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Did you know that replacing old door sidings can increase your home’s value while recovering 78% of the total project cost.

It’s essential to install siding in your home to protect it from harsh weather elements while keeping the foundation and its contents secure. During winters, a well-installed siding can help keep your home warm in winters and cool during summers.

However, when it comes to replacing old and worn-out vinyl, many homeowners try to ignore it. This is because other than the process being costly, it’s time-consuming and quite a daunting for most homeowners.

At the same time, homeowners must remember that old sidings can create much deeper issues that will lead to higher repair bills. Therefore, as soon as you witness any of these signs, schedule for a siding replacement instantly.

High Energy Bills

Even when some days are hotter than the others, everyone knows what their usual energy bill is like for the month. If there’s no obvious damage to your siding, but the bills are shockingly high, there’s a high chance that something isn’t right with your vinyl siding’s insulation. The most common issue with siding is drafts and air leaks that happen in old sidings.

Faded Color

The exterior of your home is susceptible to wear and tear over the years due to weather conditions and other external factors, which is why many people choose to ignore little issues here and there.

Vinyl sidings are made to hold their color as long as their lifespan. So, if your vinyl siding has a faded color, it’s a clear sign to get a full replacement.

Loose Wallpaper or Peeling Paint

Apart from keeping your home insulated, vinyl sidings play a huge role in keeping the moisture out of your home’s walls. If you find the wallpaper in the interior of your home is loose or notice peeling paint, it means moisture has seeped through the walls and the sidings aren’t working as they should.

Blistered Siding

Excessive heat exposure can cause bubbling or blistering in the siding. The good news here is that if this issue is found only on a few bits of the siding, our team can replace the problematic bits with new vinyl siding, preventing unnecessary replacement costs.

However, it’s best to inspect all around to find the root cause to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

High Maintenance

Sidings require timely maintenance services to function well. While there’s always an option to hire a siding contractor, the inspection and maintenance are usually done once a year.

It’s best to ditch your old siding and invest in vinyl siding for easy maintenance. It doesn’t need to be refinished every few years and can be washed with a garden hose.

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