Winter Home Prep 101: Getting New Windows and Doors

November 10, 2021
A tringle shaped house in a snow forest

Chilly breeze, a cup of hot cocoa, and cozy onesies while preparing for Christmas. But what about preparing your home for the winter season? Are you ready for the temperature drops and snow fall? If not, the best place to start is with your windows and doors.

Here’s why you need to bid farewell to the old doors and windows and install new ones:

Increased Home Comfort

Your windows and doors may have tiny cracks around the frame that you don’t notice, but they continue to grow bigger and bigger over time. While you might think it’s not a big deal, these tiny cracks are more than enough to leak the warmth of your home and let the cold breeze through, increasing your heating bills in the process.

Vinyl windows and doors provide much better insulation along with increased control of the temperature you wish you maintain indoors.

Reduced Heating Cost

When the insulation is maintained well inside the home, it can take a chunk of bucks off the heating cost. Since cold air won’t be sneaking into the home from pesky nooks and crannies, your heating equipment won’t consume as much energy as it used to.

And when your heating costs are reduced, you’ll enjoy lower energy bills.

Revamped Look

New doors and windows offer many advantages for your home, and let’s not forget the aesthetic appeal! The new doors and windows feature the latest designs, giving your home an updated look.

The final product you choose can spruce up the complete look of your home and improve its financial value.

Take in the Views Without Feeling Chilly

Couples sitting together while watching outside the window

When you replace the old and worn-out windows with new, higher-quality glass windows, it’ll prevent the coldness of the weather from seeping into your home. This means you can enjoy the snowfall from the window without feeling too cool.

Less Stress on Heating System

Cranking up the heating system during extremely cold days is a no-brainer. But using it on higher settings throughout the winter season can stress it out, aging your heating system faster than it should.

For example, if your heating system was supposed to last you 5 to 7 years with old doors and windows, it’ll easily last you ten years or more when new doors and windows.

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