Combatting Glass Window Issues in Winters

November 1, 2021
Fogg on a window

Windows, especially the ones with glass panels, can get affected by cold weather conditions. From ice and frost to the chilly breeze, many factors can impact your glass windows’ structural integrity. Do you dread common glass window issues that occur during the cold season?

Moreover, unexpected harsh weather can also wreak havoc on your glass windows if you’re not properly prepared to prevent them.

While we’re pretty blessed here in Arizona, we don’t receive miserably cold weather days that the rest of the US has to endure. But still, homeowners need to be prepared and well-informed about preventing common glass windows issues in cold weather.

Sometimes, the drastic change in temperature can lead to cracks and condensation, leaving you undecided about the next step. The best way to get new window installation services in Arizona is if your home fixtures have become old, inefficient, and unreliable.

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Since window glass cracks being a homeowner’s worst nightmare, we’ve decided to help you combat common glass window issues in winters.

So let’s get started.

1. Insulation

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Cold air from the outside environment and the heating from within your house are two main culprits that cause window glass damage.

The difference in temperature can lead to energy loss and can also cause cracks and condensation. This kind of insulation problem must be addressed ASAP because you certainly don’t want your utility costs spiking up.

At LEI Home Enhancements, you can choose from a wide range of vinyl window designs to improve energy efficiency, less exterior noise, and convenience.

2. Condensation

Another common winter problem that surfaces on glass windows is known as condensation. It’s caused due to heat working up to match with the cold temperature outside. This leads to a foggy layer on window glass. While condensation isn’t a big problem, but if it persists, you must consider getting your glass windows inspected.

At LEI Home Enhancements, you can entrust our factory-certified window installers to check your windows for cracks and holes and provide timely window replacement in Arizona.

3. Leaking

Leaking windows can be the biggest reason behind hitting electricity bills. Old glass windows tend to leave the draft, allowing heat, water, and energy to escape from the siding. The air drafts don’t just lead to energy loss, but also impact the structural integrity of your property.

We highly advise homeowners in Payson, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, and other Arizonian cities to get their windows and doors checked this time of the season. It can be extremely helpful in detecting leaks, moisture traps, cracks, and draft issues.

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