How to Create a Stunning Entrance With New Front Door Installations

October 30, 2021
front view of the house

Your home’s front door and entryway is like a calling card for visitors and guests. It not only defines your personality but also sets the entire design theme of your home.

A study reports that a new, revamped front door installation can boost a home’s resale value and curb appeal by as much as 50%. It’s one of the faster, easiest, and most affordable ways to give a residential property an instant makeover.

It is, however, important for homeowners to understand the significance of choosing the right color, style, and design of their front door. This way, they can mix and match different coherent design elements that communicate their true sense of style.

At LEI Home Enhancements, we offer stunning and quality front door replacement services at the best rates. Our service areas include Payson, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Phoenix, and many more across the nation.

In this definitive guide, we’ll help you turn your boring entrance into an epitome of style, beauty, and elegance.

So let’s get started without further ado!

Choose High Quality and Durable Front Doors

One of the biggest mistakes many homeowners make when buying a new front door is preferring color and design options over quality of the door itself. This is very common due to the wide availability of several window and door installation companies.

Choosing the best door replacement company significantly depends on your ability to gauge the quality of its products. LEI Home Enhancements not only offer quality grade doors, but also provide factory-certified installers and seamless customer service.

Our entry door installation service in Arizona can be customized according to your unique liking and are installed by the manufacturers themselves. What’s more, we offer lifetime warranty on our window and door installation services for your superior satisfaction.

Here are the top qualities in an entry door that can help you create a stunning entry passage:

1. Style

grid style windows

Your property’s entry door must harmonize with the theme of the whole unit. It shouldn’t stand out weirdly, but gel into the design without looking like an odd fixture. An alluring entry way can only be achieved with a durable, energy-efficient, and modern front door.

From mid-century modern, metallic, and contemporary to minimal and French style, several door designs can be customized to meet a property’s requirements.

Another stylish and trending front door option is a sliding door. We offer precision engineered, weather-stripped, and insulated sliding door installation with triple pane glass. These doors have become quite a rage among modern homeowners across Arizona.

2. Durability

The next significant quality that you must look for in a front door is durability and longevity. Your home’s front door acts as the first line of defense against harmful external factors. Therefore, it has to be sturdy, secure, and above all robust!

At LEI Home Enhancements, you can purchase high-end front doors that come with Z-AC threshold risers and FrameSaver composite bottom. These cutting-edge features ward off water, rust, warping, and weather damage and make your entry doors long-lasting.

A new entry door installation can also make your home more energy efficient and reduce heating and cooling costs. Ultimately, you’ll not just be able to enjoy a beautiful home, but also benefit from savings.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Now that you’ve ensured an entry door’s durability and style, it’s time to dig deeper and make it an ideal match for your residential property.

Our state-of-the-art MasterGrain NVD can be customized in various shades such as mahogany, cherry, fir, knotty alder, and oak.

front view of the house with blue door

Now the next question is, how can you make your new front door complement the existing design elements of your house?

Tip 1: Get a Unique Colored Front Door

Gone are the days of boring front doors. With advanced designing and engineering capabilities, homeowners can now make their home entrance stand out. If you want to give your house a fun spin, consider opting for a unique front door color.

From myriad siding and color options to exotic wood finishes and robust security features, you can certainly add some flair and drama to your home’s overall curb appeal. Understand the hues and color palette of your home exterior and pick a complementing color. You can also match the aesthetic with flowers and plants around your house.

Tip 2: Add Some Décor

When it comes to beautifying your home’s entrance, there’s no limit to adding décor elements. From big ceramic planters to door decorations, you can play around freely. Since the holiday season is coming up, you can decorate the porch accordingly.

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LEI Home Enhancements also offers stunning window and roofing installation services that can help you alleviate your entire property. These features can significantly accentuate your entrance and also make it more efficient and appealing.

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