Do New Window Installations in Arizona Increase Your Home’s Value?

June 25, 2022
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Adding value to your residential property is not an easy task. There are several ways to go about it, but not all of them guarantee ultimate success. Homeowners often opt for a fresh coat of paint, new furniture, and picket fence installation, thinking that these steps will boost their home’s value.

While they do succeed, but only to a limited extent. Every once in a while, you should consider a more substantial home improvement project such as window replacement or installation.

LEI Home Enhancements has created this detailed guide to help you learn the value-adding benefits of new window installation services.

Still not convinced about whether or not new window installation in AZ can increase your home’s value? Continue reading and get ready to uncover some interesting findings!

1. Homebuyers Love New Windows and Doors

According to the National Association of Home Builders, more than 90% of homebuyers are intrigued and drawn toward properties that have new, energy-efficient windows and doors. These additions decrease their long-term cost of ownership and improve energy savings and curb appeal.

Modern-day homeowners need better quality, highly attractive, and efficient window and door features. So speaking bluntly, will new windows increase your home’s value? Yes!

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If you’re looking for top window replacement and vinyl window installation services in Arizona, avail our free consultation today!

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2. Repair vs. Replace

Windows offer several benefits to homeowners. They don’t only improve the indoor air quality of your home but also optimize its curb and interior appeal. However, their impact on your home’s value is highly dependent on quality.

Windows, no matter how amazing, are prone to damage and, therefore, must be repaired properly and promptly. However, if your home windows have become too dingy and have lost their charm, replacing them is a much better and smarter option.

From the home value perspective, window replacements in AZ are more effective than repairs as they:

  • Update and improve your home’s appearance
  • Improve insulation and are laced with better, technologically advanced features
  • Have better resistance against wear and tear and storm occurrence
  • Appeal to potential homebuyers and make your home look sturdier and structurally integral

3. Window Installation Budget Aligns With Average Us Household Income

Homeowners, especially the ones with kids and big families, have to pay special attention to cost when it comes to making home improvements. This is particularly true when they’re trying to sell their house or leasing it.

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If you’re one of them, let LEI Home Enhancements do the job. We recommend you avail our top window installation services in AZ to maximize your home’s value. According to a study, a homeowner listing their unit for sale makes at least two improvements to their property. But they often miss out on the potential of window replacement and installation services.

4. New Window Installations Are the Epitome of Energy Efficiency

Due to rising concerns about global warming and increasing energy shortages, homeowners in Arizona are paying close attention to energy-efficient home additions. Among several options, vinyl window installations are getting high traction. If your home’s windows are over ten years old, you need to upgrade them ASAP. A decade ago, windows weren’t as energy efficient as they are today and, therefore, can become a leading cause of your HVAC’s poor performance.

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Vinyl windows aren’t just popular due to their improved aesthetic appeal and low maintenance. They’re becoming a customer-favorite due to their high energy efficiency and value-boosting features. For example, at LEI Home Enhancements, our vinyl windows are equipped with features like:

  • CommandPlus™ Hardware
  • Constant Force Balance System
  • Warm-Edge Spacer System
  • Multi-Layer Weatherstripping
  • Fiberglass Reinforcement, etc.

All of the said features are excellent at blocking energy wastage and protection against inclement weather. Our vinyl windows have triple-pane, low-emissivity and gas-induced glass panels that can help you significantly reduce your monthly energy expenses.

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5. Added Security

Window and door installation improves a residential property’s safety and security too. This is truly a blessing for homeowners who want to implement an all-in-one home improvement plan for value addition. New windows come with new locks, panes, sidings, and reinforcements.

In addition, if you want an extra layer of security, you can always choose better quality and multiple-layered glass panel that reduces the risks of collisions and shatters. LEI Home Enhancements make different types of windows such as casement and awnings that are typically safer due to their unique, narrow designs.

Check out our Revelation Elite Series today and update your home’s windows. As a leading window installation company in AZ, we have strong charitable involvement, exceptional customer service, and expert craftsmanship for your complete peace of mind.

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Why Should You Choose LEI Home Enhancements in Arizona?

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