5 Myths About Door Installations in Arizona—Busted!

June 28, 2022
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New windows and doors are the ultimate features that can instantly uplift your home’s boring and old aesthetic appeal. If you live in Arizona and are wondering what the best kind of home remodeling project to take this summer is, we recommend you install new windows and doors.

LEI Home Enhancements is a leading window and door installation company in Arizona, offering a high-class range of premium windows and doors. Their team is highly skilled in installing and replacing windows and doors and can significantly boost your home’s visual and monetary value.

However, when it comes to door installations in AZ, we hear several myths surrounding the job.

In this detailed blog, we have talked about and busted some of the most popular myths regarding door installations. So let’s get started.

1. Old Doors Are Safe, so I Don’t Need New Door Installations

While safety is one of the biggest concerns for most homeowners, many still deny the significant role that doors play in improving their home’s security and safety. As a result, they tend to ignore the importance and urgency of getting old, dingy doors replaced on time.

Entry door installations are one of the most valuable investments you can make this summer season. With an energy-efficient, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing front door, you can surely make your home stand out in the block.

So how can LEI Home Enhancements’ new door installations in Arizona help you?

We make the finest vinyl front doors with high-quality glass panels that are safe and perfect for improving your home’s security. The two of the other main features of our doors that speak volumes about their quality are:

  • Z-AC Threshold: These are automatic risers that protect the door and your home’s interior from harmful exterior elements.
  • Classy locking and insulted siding systems that keep our doors sturdy and well-balanced for a long time.
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2. New Door Installation Don’t Impact Energy Efficiency

With the rising concerns about carbon footprint and energy wastage, homeowners are becoming more aware and conscious about choosing energy-efficient home features. Doors are among many home elements that can be replaced with their newer, more efficient and energy-saving alternatives.

Most of the doors and windows installations in Arizona are single-paned, meaning that they’re not effective in reducing energy consumption. This is where LEI Home Enhancements’ door installation and window replacement services come into play. So if you think that new doors and windows won’t impact your energy costs, try availing our local window and door installation services today to witness the results yourself!

3. Repairing Old Doors Is Better Than Installing New Ones

While it’s true that sometimes a door only needs fixing to function properly and improve your home’s curb appeal. But you have to understand the signs that mandate an immediate replacement. They not only compromise your home’s safety but also lead to higher energy loss and increased utility expenses.

Repairs are suitable if your door shows signs of cracks and warps, but if they’ve outdone their useful life and aren’t adding any value to your property, get new ones immediately. Homeowners say that local and new door installation services cost more than repairs, and that’s true. But, door installation services only have an upfront cost that you will recover from the many benefits new doors will offer. Therefore, new doors are more efficient and cost-friendly in the long run. If you rely on door repairs, the chances are that you will be spending a lot more money more frequently.

4. Local Door Installation Companies Aren’t Reliable

Choosing a local window and door installation company can be a challenge for homeowners, especially if they’re getting their home’s windows and doors changed for the first time. With the many service providers in the area, you may find it difficult to choose a reliable one.

LEI Home Enhancements brings you a holistic range of window and door products coupled with seamless customer services and support. Our technicians know the ins and outs of door installation and they can take care of all kinds of door problems in your home. Learn more about our top door and window installation services here.

When choosing a reliable door installation company, look for the following qualities:

  • Positive client reviews
  • Range of products to learn whether the company actually has a grip on its offerings
  • Industry-leading practices
  • Technicians’ expertise
  • Warranty services
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5. New Door Installation Don’t Affect My Home’s Resale Value

If you’re planning to sell your residential unit, you should consider making changes to it that will directly increase its value. We strongly recommend you change old front doors and windows with our premium quality vinyl doors and windows with high-grade glass panels.

But when you step out into the market, you will hear people tell you that changing doors and windows will not impact your home’s resale value. However, that’s rarely true.

According to Homelight, adding new windows and doors to your home can increase its resale value by as much as 9,000 USD based on the quality of products you’re getting.

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Ready to Get New Door Installations in Arizona? We Can Help!

If you’re in Arizona looking for the most reliable and experienced window and door installation company, LEI Home Enhancements is the answer. We’re the innovators in the vinyl window and door industry and have been named one of the Top 50 Remodelers in the US.

Check out our window series, entry doors, and sliding glass doors among many other products. Contact us now or book a free consultation for your home’s window and door replacements today!