Everything You Need to Know About Door & Window Installation

April 20, 2021

In order to enhance energy efficiency, one of the most important things you could do is go for window installation. Plus, new windows boost your house’s value, offer superior functionality, and add beauty. Our expert handymen are equipped with the right tools and the best training to replace or install any kind of window.

In other words, if you get your windows installed by a non-expert, it will not only damage your house and windows but also add up to your maintenance costs and make your home less energy-efficient. Our team at LEI Home Enhancements is the safest option for investments in your home because your investments mean as much to us as they mean to you.

A person drilling a hole

Window Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing your windows depends on various factors—the size of the window, where you need to install it, and the type of window you’re going for. If you need a close-to-accurate figure, we prefer that you get in touch with our team at LEI Home Enhancements and tell them about your specifications.

Our Expertise in Window Installation

Our expert installers are highly trained with years of experience and handle your installation needs perfectly. It’s important for you in the long-term that you hire someone with the appropriate experience and relevant skills to do the job.

A person installing a window

We provide:

– Skylight replacement/installation

– Casement window replacement/installation

– Picture window replacement/installation

– Insulated replacement/installation

– Bay Window replacement/installation

– Egress replacement/installation

How Regularly Should You Replace Windows?

Here are a few signs to look for before replacing windows:

– If you see any moisture on the panes

– If you spot any chippings or fading on the exterior

– If your windows aren’t opening and closing easily

If you’re not sure whether to replace or not, call us. We’d be happy to assess your situation and the structure of your windows. If our experts think they need to be replaced, we’ll take care of it and replace them with new ones in no time.

Best Window Installation Near You

LEI Home Enhancements provides top-quality window installation services in Arizona. We have over 15 years of experience in the industry and have garnered a reputation for providing stellar window services. Browse through our wide range of styles and customization services.