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April 25, 2021

Arizona’s harsh weather is no secret: it gets pretty hot in the summers. Residents of Gilbert are well aware of such weather conditions. That’s why it’s important that our homes have the proper window replacement and fittings to deal with and protect us from the intense heat and monsoon storms.

One of the most vulnerable parts of our homes are the windows. If they’re anything less than perfectly installed and built, they won’t be able to deal with harsh weather conditions. Your house will be full of dust, heat, and moisture.

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LEI Home Enhancements provides great window installation and replacement services. We’re committed to providing our customers with top-quality services that guarantee your comfort, despite the extreme weather of Arizona. Vinyl replacement windows are designed with special features to counter the intense heat and storms that are common in Gilbert, Arizona, without compromising on the beauty and functionality of your house.

We Provide Windows With Double Panes

If you choose LEI Home Enhancements to replace your worn-out, old, aluminum windows, you’ve made the right choice. Our windows are perfectly crafted, keeping Arizona’s weather in mind. We use thermal technology that ensures long-lasting use.

Some of the salient features of our replacement windows are:

1. Durable and strongevery window of ours comes with vinyl parts, which have been proven to bear the climate of Arizona.

2. Secure All the windows are equipped with advanced secure mechanisms that lock perfectly so that your house is safe while you’re away.

3. Insulated – to protect from heat, the double pane windows are insulated with argon gas— invisible insulation that doesn’t compromise on the beauty of your home.

4. Energy Efficiency – our windows come with either Low E340 or Low E366 glass coatings that prevent the cold or hot air from sneaking into your home.

5. Easy cleaning – vinyl windows are easy to clean. A solution of soap and water is all you need. These windows do not need any special maintenance.

6. Lifetime Warranty – our windows come with a lifetime warranty. So, your investment is safe and securely protected.

Why Choose LEI in Gilbert, AZ

To get new windows installed for your home near Gilbert, AZ, get in touch with us. At LEI Home Enhancements, we have been providing premier window replacement and installation services in Arizona for the last 15 years. We know how to replace and install new doors and windows according to your needs. You can call us today at (480) 6858989 to find out more or book a free consultation with us.