Exposing the Truth About Vinyl Window Durability and Quality

November 16, 2021
Four Floor Apartment with lots of windows

When we talk about windows and doors installations for residential properties, wood is the ultimate choice that comes to mind. However, with advancing technology and increasing environmental consciousness, customers are trying to opt for better, eco-friendlier, and more durable options. This is where LEI Home Enhancements’ vinyl windows and doors come in.

But unfortunately, many people think that vinyl is not a durable or eco-friendly material, and that’s why we have curated this detailed blog.

Let’s expose the truth about vinyl window durability and strength, shall we?

Long Useful Life

When buying new windows for homes, the first question that comes into a homeowner’s mind is about the material that will last. Contrary to popular belief, vinyl has proven to be one of Arizona’s best materials for window installations.

Hundreds of our customers at LEI Home Enhancements have been fully satisfied by our experts’ quality, design range, and installation services. Vinyl window installations are strong and durable that show high resistance to heat and cold. They’re the perfect solution for Arizona’s four-season climate and can last a lifetime.

Regular vinyl windows can typically last for 10 to 20 years, but you can expect a longer useful life if you choose branded, high-end products.


Dining Area with Dining table

Savvy home upgrade shoppers want the best products at affordable rates. With inflation and housing prices rising above the norm, it’s important to make smart investments. And if you’re interested in making quick yet effective holiday home updates this XMAS season, opt for our high-quality vinyl windows and patio doors in Arizona.

Compared to wood, fiberglass, and wrought iron, vinyl windows are extremely affordable and offer a premium value for money in quality, durability, and design.

Vinyl Windows Well

While no window is completely resistant to the external environment, materials such as vinyl can withstand extreme temperatures and prevent energy loss.

Coupled with high-grade weather stripping, caulking, and glass, our vinyl windows installation in Arizona is energy friendly, condensation-proof, and impervious to moisture. What’s more, vinyl windows are the best in terms of pest and rot prevention, unlike wooden windows.

Minimal Maintenance

Let’s be honest; no one wants to spend hours cleaning windows and doors. Several important things need a homeowner’s attention than a window. However, if you have poor quality windows installations, the risk of dealing with rust, condensation, peeling, fading, and warping becomes very high.

This is why you should consider opting for vinyl window installation at LEI Home Enhancements. Our REVELATION EXTREME ELITE and REVELATION PLATINUM SOUTHERN SERIES offer benefits such as UV protection, heat coating, lowest Solar Heat Gain Coefficients ratings and insulated chambers.

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