How Our Window Installation in Payson Can Add Value to Your Home

July 5, 2021

Window installation is more important than you realize. Payson’s altitude might keep you safe from the extremely high temperatures faced by other Arizona cities, but it’s still exposed to the elements all year round.

With monsoon rains, snowstorms, and bright sunny days all being part of the Payson climate, you need to invest in our high-quality window installation in Payson to protect your interiors.

A women looking out of the window

Here’s why:

1. Strength You Can Count On

Our windows are made from premium materials. From the frames and jambs to the panes and sashes, we ensure that every part of our windows provides strong protection from the temperature and weather conditions.

2. Security Features

The locking mechanisms we incorporate into our windows provide a layer of security. You can rest easy knowing that your windows are also playing a part in keeping your home safe.

3. Better Insulation

Our windows are argon-insulated. Our windows come with two airspaces filled with the invisible gas to keep you safe and comfortable inside the house even when the exteriors are hot.

4. Energy-Efficient

Our windows boast one of the lowest solar heat gain coefficient ratings. Backed by an EnergyStarcertification, our windows are guaranteed to bring down your energy costs by reducing the heat infiltration into your home.

5. Easy Maintenance

No extensive maintenance and upkeep is required for any of our windows. They can be easily cleaned using our recommended products, and will continue to look good as new for a long time.

6. Lifetime Warranty

Our lifetime warranties are backed by Alside, so you’ll never need to worry about something going wrong with our window installations. Even if something does go wrong, we’ll make sure that your investment is protected.

7. Multi-Layer Weatherstripping

Photo of a house in evening

Our multi-layer weatherstripping technology acts as a safeguard against energy loss and weather events. No more cleaning up water or dust from your rooms after storms because your windows couldn’t keep them out. With windows by LEI Home Enhancements in place, your interiors will remain cooler and cleaner.

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These are just a few of the benefits of our window installation services. Our consultants and window installers will work with you for custom-made windows that will fit perfectly and instantly upgrade the look of your home.

Our windows pack powerful functionality with an attractive design, giving your home a protection layer that looks good and works even better. You can avail our reliable window replacement and local window installation all over Arizona.

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