Why Window Replacement in the Summer Is Good for Your Arizona Home

July 7, 2021

Arizona’s summers are known for their window replacement. Every year, homeowners all over the state look for ways to make their interiors cool and pleasant, without having to spend a small fortune in energy costs.

Green tint window

To that end, window replacement during summer is one of the best things you can do for your home.

Here’s why:

1. Easy Savings

Getting window installers to replace your windows in summer helps you start cutting down on bills early. If you choose energy-efficient windows (as you should), you’ll feel the difference right away.

Even better, you won’t have to use up a lot of power to cool your house for the rest of the season.

2. Quality Check

If you’re working with window installation companies in the summer, the weather makes it convenient for you to check the quality of their products. Sure, the insulation measures may sound impressive, but how effective are they? There’s no better time than summertime to find out.

The high-quality materials, robust design, and excellent insulation properties of our windows can protect you from the Arizona sun. Have them installed, and enjoy the LEI Home Enhancements advantage.

3. The Monsoon Season

The infamous Arizona monsoon season typically starts sometime in July, and goes on until September. Marked by thunderstorms and plenty of rainfall, the monsoon season can be especially tough for homes with older or poorly designed windows.

If you’re living in a house that’s more than a few years old, consider getting window replacement services to swap out your malfunctioning windows with newer models. This can ensure effective protection against weather events.

Window Replacement by LEI Home Enhancements

Here’s a closer look at our windows:

Revelation Platinum Southern Series

The Revelation Platinum window has the following features:

  • Triple pane glass package
  • Argon insulation for effective heat protection
  • Custom-built frame and sash that give it the snuggest fit possible
  • Heat protective coating by Solarban
  • Intercept ThermD Spacer system

Revelation Extreme Elite

Green tint window

Take things up a notch with our Revelation Extreme Elite window.

  • All the powerful features of Revelation Platinum
  • Extreme Elite glass package for enhanced protection
  • One of the lowest solar heat gain coefficient ratings

Our reliable window installation and window replacement come with a lifetime warranty for our products. This makes our windows a one-time investment that consistently pays great dividends as long as you own them.

LEI Home Enhancements is a trusted name for local window installation and window replacement all over Arizona. Schedule your FREE consultation directly from our calendar, send us a message for more information, or give us a call at 480-739-8686 to speak to someone from our team.