Signs of Window Failure

October 18, 2021
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Operations & Infiltration

The easiest thing we tend to notice break down over time are the parts of the window we use often. We go to secure our window and the locking mechanism breaks, a rock hits the glass, the frames are warping, or the window will not close all the way. We become less secure about the safety of our windows.

The first thing to think about when it comes to your original windows is their builder-grade windows come with a 15-year lifespan, depending on sun exposure. Throughout this timeline, a process called ‘settling’ is occurring with your home. As the weight of the house shifts, it settles in the foundation and compacting the ground below it. Separation occurs from the window and home, new cracks openings for dust, dirt, and energy loss form all around the system.

When working with your window expert, be sure they show you the features, don’t be afraid to handle the product, and most importantly, ask questions! This is your new investment, be sure you are completely happy with it, and they should be more than happy to walk you through each step. When you work with a company like LEI Home Enhancements, you can rest assured we have taken care to examine these steps before we bring our window to your home. Our experts will show you how these steps have been already taken so you can enjoy the benefit of a long-lasting and highly efficient window. So let us help you fall in love with your home again and reach out to set up your no-cost consultation today