The Importance of Hiring Top Window Installers in Chandler

May 31, 2021

People have started investing more and more in home improvement projects during the pandemic. Since the weather in Chandler, AZ, can reach up to 102.4°F, which can rack up huge electricity bills, it’s best to invest in energy-efficient windows. Here’s why you should get a professional window installer:

Building with clear windows

1. Proper Insulation

No matter what kind of windows you may have, they will not provide optimum function until they’re installed correctly. High-quality, insulated windows can help keep sunlight and UV rays out of your house while reducing your bills; however, proper installation is key.

A professional window installer in Chandler will ensure that windows are evenly installed, fully sealed, and free of gaps.

If your previous windows let air and outside elements inside, then it’s a clear indicator that the installer didn’t do their job correctly.

2. Clean Windows

You can spend a lot of time and hundreds of dollars on cleaning your windows. Still, it’s nearly impossible to keep a poorly installed window clean because the environment will eventually lead to window damage.

If you’re noticing fog or mold on your window panes, this means that the window hasn’t been installed correctly, and the seal has started to break. This usually results from a rushed window installation job.

3. Protection From Water Damage

Windows cover anywhere from 10-20% of your house, which means that they can leave the house vulnerable to damage if they’re incorrectly installed.

A poorly installed window can retain small amounts of water and eventually divert it to the walls, which can lead to mold and a weakened house structure.

So, hiring an inexperienced window installer can lead to hefty costs in damages.

Get Top Quality Window Installation in Chandler

Old wall with old windows

If you want to save yourself from all hassle of a poor window installation, get in touch with us at LEI Home Enhancements of Arizona. We’re a window and door installation company based in Tempe, having served multiple cities in Arizona for over 15 years.

Take a look at the custom windows we have to offer, and book a free 1-hour consultation today to get started with your window installation in Chandler.