Window Replacement & Door Installation Gilbert Can Revamp Your Home

June 3, 2021

The pandemic has led to a rise in home improvement projects. So much so that the Home Improvement Research Institute predicts that US citizens will spend nearly $440 billion on home improvement projects. New doors and window installation are among the most common home improvement projects undertaken during the pandemic. Here’s how getting new windows and doors installation in Gilbert by professionals can revamp your home:

1. Better Look

Thinking of replacing outdated windows and doors? Installing new windows and doors will improve your home’s aesthetic in multiple ways. Additionally, professional installation will ensure that the doors and windows go well with your living space and give your home a more well-maintained look.

Person Installing a window

2. Increased Safety

Did you know that 34% of burglars enter the home via front doors, while 23% use windows? The biggest downside of getting your windows installed by an inexperienced individual is that it increases the risks of break-ins.

Doors and windows installed with a proper seal help improve overall security and make it all the more difficult for the burglar to manipulate its weaker areas using break-in tools.

3. Indoor Air Quality

Research shows that homeowners are willing to spend up to $2000 to ensure the air quality in their homes. However, any changes you make to improve air quality won’t work if the doors and windows keep letting the outside air in.

Even the smallest leaks in the sealant can let outside air in, causing the air-filtering system to work twice as hard. Therefore, to improve indoor air quality, get your windows and doors installed by professionals in Gilbert.

4. Higher Value

Red Door

One of the elements that help determine a home’s value is its curb appeal. Crooked windows or broken doors will leave a bad impression on potential buyers.

If you’re looking for top-notch window and door installation services in Gilbert, AZ, call LEI Home Enhancements of Arizona. We’ve been operating in Arizona for over 15 years and employ highly experienced and trained installers who ensure that you get what you’re looking for.

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