What Is the Step by Step Process for Installing a Patio Door in Arizona?

July 5, 2022
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Are you looking to transform your gloomy house room or kitchen in Arizona? Replace them by installing a patio door. You can do it yourself within a weekend with some good carpentry skills. You will also require wood shims, drip edge flashing, nails, screws, molding for the threshold’s exterior edge, and a toolbox full of tools like a hammer, level, drill, etc. Buy a custom patio door in Arizona that fits your needs and environment. Purchase a custom patio door in Arizona suitable for your climate and situation. Below are the steps to install it:

Step 1: Frame the Opening

This step will already be done if you’re working with new construction. But, if you’re cutting a new patio door in Arizona into an existing wall, you must do the necessary framing. Before cutting and removing any framework from the aperture, the ceiling must first be temporarily supported by posts and a beam to prevent structural damage to your property. Then, the opening must be appropriately framed, with a sizable horizontal header spanning the door’s length above.

Step 2: Slice the Sliding

Unless you’re working with new siding, you’ll need to cut it where the new door will go during the patio door installation Arizona process. Most of the time, you want the outer molding of the door to sit inside the siding of the home rather than on top of it. Hold the door against the house with assistance, check that it is level and plumb, and mark the siding so it can be cut. Adjust the door to ensure that it will fit.

Step 3: Open the Door Quickly

Pry back the siding on an existing structure and slide 10-inch-wide strips of roofing paper inside. The paper should be stapled to the framing to conceal any exposed wood completely. To suit the door, cut a piece of drip edge flashing, and move it behind the siding. Just slip it in firmly without nailing it. Secure the roofing sheeting, flashing to the studs, and framing when building from scratch.

Step 4: Position and Fit the Door

Set the door in the opening with some help. Let the person hold the door in place from the outside while you do the work inside. Make sure to check the door on all sides so that your door installation Arizona process can be completed successfully.

Step 5: Tap in Shims and Fasten

Shims should be gently tapped in approximately every 6 inches. Then, recheck the jamb for plumb and level. If you tighten the shims up too much, the jamb will bend. Check to determine if the door opens and closes with the proper tolerances.

Step 6: Lock the Door

Drive galvanized deck screws into the house’s structure from the outside through the door’s flange. One finishing nail should be inserted close to each shim inside, through the jambs, and into the framing. Offset the shims flush. If you are engaged with an existing wall, add interior molding to fill the gaps between the door and the wall.

Step 7: Seal the Door

Installing molding requires tightening it up against the bottom of the vertical molding pieces and placing it up against the threshold. Make sure rainfall cannot leak in; caulk of the appropriate quality should be used to seal any outside connections. Finish installing the siding on new buildings once all doors and windows are in place.

Get the Help of a Professional for Installing a Patio Door

If you are looking for a door installer in Arizona, get in touch with LEI Home Enhancements. We are experts and can help you choose the right door for your home, and we will be able to install it for you so that you can enjoy your new patio door in no time. LEI Home is a trusted and reliable company, so you can rest assured that your new patio door will be installed properly and look great.