What’s the Best Time of the Year to Get New Windows and Doors Installed

October 29, 2021

The truth is, there’s no best time to get windows and doors installed or replaced.

sunset view outside of the window

Sometimes, either the weather isn’t favorable, while in others, you may not be able to make time to get new windows and doors for your home. It is, however, extremely necessary to replace old, dingy windows and doors. This home remodeling project won’t just enhance your home’s energy efficiency, but also help you improve its aesthetics.

While each season has its advantages and disadvantages, getting windows and doors installed can be quite a task. At LEI Home Enhancements, we offer premium quality doors and windows installations services along with seamless customer service. Whether you want to get new replacement windows and doors in hot weather or cold, we can help!

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Our expert team members curated this blog who have shared their tips and tricks in choosing the right time to get window and door installations in Arizona.

Spring and Summer

These seasons are undeniably the top favorite time to get new windows and doors. While there’s a massive spike in demand, people still tend to spend dollars on home remodeling. Not only the temperatures are ideal and more suitable, but you will also be able to give your home a revamped look.

What’s more, Arizona is known for hot, humid summers. This leads to higher energy costs and more maintenance. In addition, the summer heat can also increase humidity, and if you don’t have efficient windows and doors, the season can become quite painful.

Hence, it’s important to consider buying new windows and doors in Arizona to keep your family safe from UV rays. This will also add premium energy efficiency features to your home, and you can choose from a wide range of options to match your home’s aesthetics.

Winter and Autumn

flower pot kept on the window

While these seasons may sound quite frigid and not ideal for taking on a window or door replacement project, they may bring unexpected advantages. We’ve seen many homeowners in Arizona who wait for the sunny season, which slows down the demand in winters.

This can, however, be one of the biggest benefits of getting windows and doors installed in winter. You may be able to enjoy short order fulfillment time and more lucrative and affordable options!

You may even receive discounts or exclusive deals because companies tend to offer them to lure customers. Moreover, new windows and doors in the cold season will reduce your energy costs and help in staying cozy, comfy, and hassle-free all winter long.

The Verdict

All in all, homeowners should choose a season that suits their budget, family, and home. At LEI Home Enhancements, we think that new windows and doors can be installed at any time of the year.

To help you avail premium quality window replacement and door installation in Payson, Scottsdale, or Flagstaff, we’re offering $500 off with 0% financing. We also offer free consultation services to help you choose durable and beautiful windows and doors.

Check out our vast range of products here, or head over to the gallery to browse through our recently completed projects. To get new windows and doors installed by factory-certified installers, contact us right away!